January 16, 2017

Christian Counseling Services

Faith based Christian Counseling services

We offer many types of Christian counseling:

As a Marriage and Family Therapist I utilize my personal belief in God to assist my clients who are seeking counseling on a spiritual level. Having a belief in a higher power (God) is very beneficial to the recovery and overall betterment of individuals who have undergone trauma, addiction, depression and an array of inner conflicts. AS I have taken part in assisting clients who have utilized other faith based counseling/ recovery programs such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) I’ve had the ability to see how beneficial connecting with your higher power can assist you in obtaining the spiritual guidance many seek. Faith based counseling can greatly improve the success rate of an individual’s therapeutic journey and would serve as a support system that supersedes any other physical method available. My personal faith in God has been instrumental in helping others cope with their challenges in the areas of depression, anxiety, grief and loss, drug addiction and recovery, anger management, parenting, individual therapy and marriage counseling. MGS Counseling offers Christian counseling in the Tamarac office and throughout Florida via Online Therapy.

We offer many types of Christian counseling:

•Pre-marriage Counseling
•Marriage / Relationship Counseling
•Individual Counseling
•Family Counseling

Some areas of concern may include:

•Conflict Resolution
•Effective Communication
•Personality Differences
•Male & Female Differences
•Anger Issues
•Alcohol/Drug Dependency
•Parenting Issues
•Situational Depression
•Vocational Counseling
•Spiritual Counseling
•Grief Counseling