November 22, 2015



What is E-Therapy?

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E-Therapy is a relatively new method of helping individuals to resolve various concerns like relationship issues and everyday life situations. Presently, it is being used to provide services successfully to a wide range of people including military personnel and individuals who have limited access to transportation or disabilities.

The internet will allow you to have  communication between you and your MGS Therapist by e-mail (regular or encrypted), real-time chat, secure web-based instant messaging, videoconferencing, and internet phone.

The focus of E-therapy varies from one e-client to the next. Some choose to use E-Therapy to work through an array of problems, from relationship conflicts to problems with parenting, or discovering coping mechanisms with day-to-day stress. Other e-clients use E-therapy as a supplement to other types of services, like life coaching, or to clarify other issues they are currently working on.   

What are the Benefits of E-Therapy?

The increasing research into E-Therapy has shown that the efficacy of treatment outcomes are equivalent to traditional in-office sessions. Unlike traditional therapy E-therapy’s strength is in the ability for the client to explore their concerns with the e-therapist without the discomfort or awkwardness of going to an office. E-Therapy has also been shown to be effective for clients who could have difficulty reaching appointments during normal business hours.

Is E-Therapy right for me?

E-Therapy is not Psychotherapy. It is not meant to diagnose or treat mental disorders, and it should not be compared to traditional face-to-face assessment or counseling services for more complicated issues. The purpose is to help a person address and cope with concerns they may have in their lives under the guidance of a professional. E-Therapy is not intended for individuals who suffer from chronic and/or severe mental illness.

How it works

You and your MGS Therapist will get a dedicated “room” which will be your private and secured place to communicate. You can enter it from any Internet-connected device wherever you are. Your MGS Therapist will login to the same room, and will provide you feedback, insight and guidance on the presenting problems. Your MGS therapist will help you lean about the issues that may hold you back and assist you in moving forward. Together you will work towards a positive change in your life and accomplishing your goals.

How Much it costs

Many individuals avoid getting professional help because it can become costly. At MGS Counseling and Therapy Services, LLC we want to make E-Therapy easy and accessible to everyone. Here’s how it works:

  • You will receive one free 15 Minute consultation with your Therapist to see if E-Therapy is the correct fit for you.
  • You are able to chose from flat membership options and per session options. With both it will cover the use of the platform and counseling sessions. In addition you will be able to receive a 15 minute phone session (you can have more sessions at additional charge).
  • Payment options can be discussed with your E-Therapist. Session options vary depending on each e-clients therapeutic needs, so call your E-Therapist today!
  • If you accomplish your goals, you can simply cancel your membership. Canceling is easy and done online – there are no hoops to jump through.

How is my privacy protected?

MGS Counseling and Therapy Services, LLC,  strongly believe in keeping your information private and confidential. We use a platform that is state of the art with only one thing in mind: protecting your privacy and safeguarding the information you provide.

  • We do not cooperate or work with any insurance companies or employers, so nothing needs to be shared, reported or filed with them.
  • Communication between you and your counselor is protected by strict federal and state laws.
  • We comply with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which is the national standard and regulations for the security and privacy of health-related information. (This will be discussed further with your E-Therapist).
  • All messages between you and your therapist are secured and encrypted.

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